Prayer of the Heart

Prayer of the Heart is at the core of the best-kept secrets of western esotericism. Due to its all-encompassing nature, affirming the human self, it does not easily mesh with the popular non-self spiritual sensibilities. Prayer of the Heart is dual and non-dual, a self-inquiry and worship, a particular spiritual practice and a whole wisdom tradition in one. It is rooted in an understanding of the Godliness of men, and the humanness of God. Its focus is on what it really means to be a human person, rather than on how to transcend the human person.

Formally, Prayer of the Heart is a part of Hesychasm (from Hesychia, inner stillness, Greek), an early Christian mysticism later absorbed by the orthodox Church. But in reality the history of the Prayer of the Heart goes back long before Hesychasm. This non-denominational practice exceeds the frames of Christianity and can be use by seekers or any orientation. Hermetic mysteries, teachings of God-Man in early Egypt, visions of God in ancient Judaism, and artifacts of earlier cults of the Mediterranean region all contain references to a prayerful navigation of the heart. The same inquiry flourished in the Tantrik practice of Sri Yantra, and danced in the wild Sufi dhikr of Divine Names. Due to its dimension of bodily awareness, Prayer of the Heart is sometimes called Christian Yoga. It is close to the atma-vichara (self-inquiry, Sanskrit) of Sri Ramana Maharshi, and to Tantrik meditations on the self in the heart in the Kashmiri Shaivism of Abhinavagupta.

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